October 2019 Newsletter

Enfield Choi Kwang Do October Newsletter
Southgate School

Welcome to the Enfield CKD October Newsletter:


🎈October Birthdays🎈
Oct 6th - Mohammed Ahmed - 9yrs old
Oct 9th - Mahdi Ahmed - 9yrs old
Da'Kye - 10yrs old
Oct 11th - Alex Perrie-Muller - 9yrs old
Oct 11th - Leon Perrie-Muller - 9yrs old
Oct 11th - Jose Gomes
Oct 14th - Umar Asghar - 18yrs old
Oct 19th - Reece Tailor
Oct 19th - Thomas Pajak - 14yrs old
Oct 20th - Haridarshan Tailor - 8yrs old
Oct 26th - Andreas Petrou - 7yrs old
Oct 31st - Lailah Curtis

Venue for First 2 Thursdays in October

We will be running Thursday classes in the Scout Hall due to Open Evenings being held on Thursday 3rd and 10th October. The address is

Please see further details on our Locations page.

Key dates

Ladies Only Self Defence Workshop
We will be running the next workshop on Saturday 5th October from 4-7pm.

Mr Tailor 25th Anniversary

Mr Tailor must have been so young when he started Choi if it was 25 years ago. 😁

Colour Belt Testing on Tuesday 24th September

Well done to everyone who tested. A very good standard shown by all.

If you passed and are promoted to
- White belt senior, then don’t forget to purchase your dipped foam hand safety like these from Blitz.
- Yellow belt, then don't forget to purchase your dipped foam foot safety like these from Blitz.

Colour Belt Testing September 2019

Single Use Water Bottles

We would like to encourage our students to help in the fight against single use plastics by only bringing their drinks in reusable bottles.

Black Belt Tag Testing

Well done Mr Bunch for passing his tag testing. 😁
Overall a good testing for students from both schools.
Black Belt Tag Testing September
Small schools like Enfield CKD rely on reviews to attract new students so it would be really helpful if you could take a few minutes to complete a review. Please click on this link
If you come to Southgate school then please click on this link

🦇 Halloween Party 🦇

Get your scary outfits ready, our Spooktacular Halloween party on the 30th of October!
This year is going to be even more scary, with a prize of a free testing going to the Winner of the best outfit. It’ll be a fun evening of games, scary stories, party food and dancing!

Starting at 6.30pm until 8.30pm.

Don’t forget your trick or treat bags!

Changes to the Syllabus

Choi Kwang Do International is implementing a number of changes to the syllabus. The intention is to bring the focus back to improving the individual student through the mindful practice of Choi Kwang Do's basic techniques. You will have already seen some of these with more emphasis in class for front stance, foot position, body position, guard and balance.
There are also changes to how certain kicks are performed to enable better use of bio-mechanics in order to minimise the risk of injury and improve performance.
We will also be moving away from the focus on speed to instead focus on technique.

Ladies Only Self Defence Workshop

We will be running the next workshop on Saturday 5th October from 4-7pm. You will learn the basics of how to be more confident and to be able to protect yourself. This isn't restricted to members of the school.
Please follow this link to book your place.

Our 3hr workshops will introduce you to basic practical self-defence techniques.
Punching and Striking
  • Kicking
  • Blocking
  • Close Range Defences
  • Improvised weapons
  • Q & A
During the workshop you will practice strikes, kicks and footwork to help gain a better understanding
of personal self-defence. You will also learn about situational awareness and how to avoid potentially
dangerous encounters.

  • No previous experience is required
  • Ages: 16+
  • All fitness levels welcome
  • Limited spaces available

Useful links

All of these links can be found under the Members Section Menu.

Calendar of School test dates and events - click here
Leadership program and Uniform - click here
Student Login - click here
Enfield CKD YouTube - click here
Minimum Classes required to test - click here
Check if you are on track with the number of classes - click here
Colour Belt Syllabus with videos (password ECKDStudent) - click here

Electronic NAKMAS Form

Over the coming months we intend to introduce an online form for completing the annual NAKMAS Insurance application. The online form will generate a PDF which each student will receive by email. This needs to be signed and returned to Mr Tailor or any of his team during a class or scanned and emailed to info@enfieldckd.co.uk. If you don't have a printer then please let one of the instructors know.

Referral Program

Don’t forget to join our referral program!
For every new student that joins through your recommendation you get a FREE grading!
Please let me know if you want any leaflets.
Pil Seung!

ECKD Referral

Quote for the Month

"If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good."


School Assembly Choi Showcase

Full details on the ECKD website on this link.

CKD Party

Full details on the ECKD website on this link.

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