I joined CKD after suffering in silence from years of domestic violence. After escaping l vouched to empower myself so that l could at least defend myself if l ever came up against someone bigger than me. I can honestly say that CKD has empowered me more than l could ever have imagined and l grow in confidence each day. I would like to thank all at CKD for empowering me and l would recommend the class to all women, as self-defence is a vital part of life.

Female Student

Working in my current profession I am very aware of the dangers for today’s youth.  I have a 10 year old daughter and was very keen on her being more confident and being able to defend herself should it be needed.

Since joining Choi Kwang Do, my daughter who was timid and a bit shy has grown in confidence and is more focused. The school is very welcoming and have a lot of social events that the children look forward to. She has learnt that only with hard work and dedication will come success.  Recently, she has received the best student award which was a great boost for her and only reinforced a positive attitude. Choi has given her a sense of discipline and direction. I think all youths should be involved in positive physical exercise where not only are they looking after their body but also their mind and soul. Would i recommend Choi Kwang Do to you? Absolutely for all ages above 5.

Lale Demirhan

The reason for signing my son up to CKD was that we as parents wanted to give our son activities to stimulate his mind and body and learn new things and meet people.
CKD gives him discipline and focus. We found the lesson that you taught him in July where he didn’t pass for his belt, one of the most essential life lessons which I don’t think we as parents could have given him. We also had an incident in school where we were remind of the principles and how that plays out in day to day. He shows resilience and never give up spirit. He has grown so much from that and he applies the same approach to his school work spelling and reading. I really hope that his younger brother too will enjoy CKD. We’ve put him on the waiting list for Oct 2020. Thank you its been a great 1st year for him.

Lare Noel

My son George started at Enfield Choi Kwang Do in January 2009.

He has successfully achieved all his coloured belts and in June 2013 he progressed to being one of the elite – obtaining his ultimate goal – the Black Belt.

Choi Kwang Do not only teaches the youngsters discipline, it teaches my son something that I am unable to teach him – the correct way to defend himself.

As parents, we all hope that our children never need to defend themselves, but in this ever changing world, I feel happier knowing that he can.

I would like to thank Mr Manish Tailor as well as all other assistant instructors of Enfield Choi Kwang Do for all the hard work that they do.

Yiangos Stylianou

I joined Choi Kwang Do because of my son and later my daughter. I never dreamed of practicing any form of martial arts let alone attaining a Third Degree black belt! There are times when things get crazy and difficult, family, work, social life and more. I am glad I managed to keep on practicing.

I am very happy about my decision, knowing that I will be healthy, physically fit and being able to better defend myself. Initially my goal was to work toward a black belt but I find that now this is secondary to helping others in the club achieve their goals.

From the day my son and I started we felt part of a big happy family which is all down to the way Mr Tailor runs his Choi Kwang Do School.

There is none of the competitiveness and aggressiveness that you often find in some martial arts schools. There is a good mixture of adults and children in each class which helps to keep behaviour at the right level. A number of children have ‘grown-up’ by attending this school.

Often starting with almost no attention span or respect for others but eventually becoming well behaved and focused on improving themselves.

So, I would highly recommend trying out Choi Kwang Do whether fitness, health or even being part of a big happy family are your goals!

Sanjeev Mistry

Choi Kwang Do has given me another opportunity to show my strength and work on my weakness.I have worked long and hard to reach my status but it was worth it.

All this and a “Student of the year award (Junior) made me very happy.”I have made new friends and discovered more about life and learnt that CKD should only be used in defence and to always be on your guard.

Raman Venkatesh

I originally joined Enfield Choi Kwang Do to further my spiritual growth, strengthen my mind and increase my body fitness.  19 months on, I am now an Orange belt senior and there is no doubt in mind that I have met my goals.

Mr Tailor and other black belt instructors in the club are great teachers, they not only deliver the syllabus well, it is fun to be in each of their class, and I have learnt many practical self-defence techniques from them.  I would gladly recommend Enfield CKD to any of my friends who may want to learn martial arts.

Winnie Wing Yi Chan

My love of Kung fu and martial arts came about after I saw my first Bruce lee film. And I was hooked, I never considered myself to be a sporty person but this was absolutely captivating.

I’ve tried many styles of martial arts over the years but I drifted in and out of the classes and thought I’d never achieve a black belt I had always hoped for !!! That is until I started choi kwang do some 10 years ago. I love the technical and ease of the style of martial art and really grew to enjoy it and most of all progress to my black belt and beyond (assistant instructor).

The class is friendly and we treat each other like one big family. (the ethos of choi kwang do) I am one of the oldest members in the class ( a young over 50 ) and we all learn and help one another. But best of all I feel fitter and healthier both in mind and body, surely that has to be a positive plus !!!

Mr. D. Scher