Payment of Fees

The school will be going cashless in an endeavour to reduce the overhead of processing cash (and cheques) for

– fees (training and grading)

– licence and insurance

– merchandise (t-shirts, hoodies, etc)

All payments need to be made by bank transfer to the Enfield CKD account. The reference field should contain the student’s surname, first initial, a space then one of the following 4 character code as appropriate:

TFEE – training fee (for monthly STO)

GFEE – grading fee (for colour belt, tag and dan testing)

INSR – for licence and insurance

TEES – for merchandise (T-Shirts, hoodies, etc)

For example – TailorM GFEE

There is an 18 character limit so please use the student number instead if your family name is longer than 12 characters.

For example – 123456 GFEE

In addition, we will require the monthly training fees to be paid on the 1st of the month by standing order. Late payment will incur a £5 charge per student.

Please discuss with Mr Tailor if you need to temporarily pause payment prior to stopping the payment otherwise it will incur a late payment charge.