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Women’s Only Self Defence Workshop

Womens only Self Defence

Saturday 5th October 2019, 4pm to 7pm. Click here to book.

We will be running the next workshop in October where you can learn the basics of how to be more confident and to be able to protect yourself. This isn’t restricted to members of the school.

Our 3hr workshops will introduce you to basic practical self-defence techniques.
Punching and Striking
Close Range Defences
Improvised weapons
Q & A

During the workshop you will practice strikes, kicks and footwork to help gain a better understanding
of personal self-defence. You will also learn about situational awareness and how to avoid potentially
dangerous encounters.

No previous experience is required
Ages: 16+
All fitness levels welcome
Limited spaces available

Eligibility for testing

A students eligibility to test depends on the senior leadership team’s view on whether the student knows their syllabus as well as the number of classes that they have attended. The number of classes needed is listed below:

Jul to Jang- min 7 classes
Jang to next rank – min 14 classes
Il Dan Tag – min 20 classes
Sam Dan Tag – min 30 classes
Sa Dan Tag – annually by review.

Changes to Leadership Program, Uniform and Eligibility for Black Belt Dan Testing


Leadership Program, Uniform and Eligibility for Black Belt Dan Testing

The Junior Leadership program encourages children from the age of 10 to take the first steps to be our future leaders. Students younger than 10 can join the program on the recommendation of the senior leadership team. Students will learn the following:

  • Teach a warm up.
  • Be competent in all their syllabus up to their current rank.
  • Able to recite junior promise and principles.

In addition, students will be expected to:

  • Regularly assist in class.
  • Assist in gradings.
  • Show the good mannerisms of a Martial Artist.

All those on the Junior Leadership program will need to purchase a new uniform which will be a red top with black trousers for which there will be a charge. There will not be any additional fees for joining the program.

As part of this change we are no longer appointing team leaders and hence will no longer be issuing black trousers. Juniors who have black trousers will be able to continue to wear them and will need to purchase the Junior Leadership uniform when they join the program.

Adult team leaders who have not passed their Assistant Instructor Qualification by September 2018 will have to revert to white trousers.

In summary where a member of the school is not in white uniform:

  • Black uniform with full gold piping – School owner
  • Black uniform with partial gold piping – Head Instructor
  • Blue uniforms – Qualified Assistant Instructors (14 years old and above)
  • Red & Black uniforms – Junior Leadership students